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This is a picture of a washer and dryer repair.If you are not one to take too many chances and are experiencing a problem with your home appliances, contact Reno Appliance Repair Services. We know what to do to get your appliances working like new again. Don’t take any chance of making the problem worse or harming yourself when we are perfectly capable of handling the job for you. Our certified technicians have experience working with every type of appliance brand. Some, due to their more advanced technology, are more challenging to repair than others but we are always up for the challenge. When you see a spark, smell something unusual or you simply notice that any of your appliances are not working properly, give us a call. You don’t have to inconvenience yourself by going a single day without the use of your appliances.

Our services include:

We know that in many cases, when your appliance breaks down, it comes as a surprise. However, there are some cases where signs give evidence of a problem looming. Don’t ignore the signs because there are cases where the appliance will not be able to be repaired. If you wait too long to get needed repairs, you may have to have it replaced. Save yourself money and added frustration by contacting Reno Appliance Repair Services at the first sign of trouble. If our repair technician is able to repair your appliance, of course they will. However, it they are not, they will be forthcoming in telling you that it needs replacing.

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